You're Single On Sweetest Day, So What!


So if you're not in the Midwest, or at least from here, you might be wondering what Sweetest Day is.   Well, it began with great intentions when a confectioner wanted to do something nice for orphans and the underprivileged.  He would go around passing out treats and such to them, hoping to bring some joy to their lives.  Fast forward to 2015!  Sweetest Day still isn't heavily celebrated like the 14th of February, but it is regarded the same by those who choose to partake in it.    Every year, this man-made tradition falls on the third Saturday in October like clockwork, which could be a sucky day if you’re single.  No need to fret!  Here are four ways to get through Sweetest Day:

Get over it!  

You’re single, and that is okay! Don’t spend this ONE day worrying, stressing, or crying because you’re single.  Focusing on having a man and being single pales in comparison to so many more important things that could use your attention.  Just think of how many other days you’ve been single, and no one has called or texted you, or thought to take you out on a date.  You got through them, and like those days, this one too shall pass.  


Make it a girl’s night!

I’m about 95% sure that you are not the lone single chick in your circle (and if you are, skip to number three).  Make a night of it with your best girls!  Try out a new bar/restaurant in town, take in a movie, or stay in and have a slumber soiree!  One of you can grab the popcorn, one grab the wine, and another can grab a movie.  Here are a few titles to consider: Waiting to Exhale, He’s Just Not That Into You, Bridesmaids, or Sex and the City,  Nothing too sappy, because we all have that one friend that gets in their feelings (I’m that friend), and we're not having that!  


Spend some time with self.  

We are always on-the-go in this fast-paced world, so it is always a good idea to make some time for you.  It is imperative to have healthy self-care rituals that you can do to recharge your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional energies.  Whether it is reading a book, meditating or praying, journaling, catching up on your shows, retail therapy, actual therapy, or exercising; make time for it.  You’ll thank yourself for it, later.

Be sweet to someone else.

Go back to the beginning of Sweetest Day, and its original intent.  Tell someone thank you for all that they have done, spend time with your relatives, cook dinner for them, donate to your favorite non-profit, etc.  You never know what someone else is going through, and your gesture may make their day a little sweeter.