What Black Girl Magic Means to This Black Girl


Her skin absorbs the sun rays, and her hair defies gravity. You can't tell me that black women aren't magical.

As I tuned into the live stream of Essence's Black Women in Hollywood's red carpet, I noticed that the interviewers posed the same question to every guest: What does black girl magic mean to you?.  Unless you have been under a rock, you’ve seen the hashtag #BlackGirlMagic floating around social media.  The actuality of black girl magic is more than another hashtag, and just like the guests on that red carpet, it means something different to each of us. 

I believe that every black girl and woman possesses black girl magic.  It is the light that you bring to a dark world.  It is reveling in the uniqueness of you.  It is being unapologetic of your flyness, dopeness, and creativity.  It is using your flyness, dopeness, and creativity to inspire other women and little girls.  It is using your voice to speak up and speak out.  It is using your hands to help and to heal.  It is embracing your flaws in a world that screams at you to change everything that makes you, you.  It is having an awareness of self.  It is loving yourself in a world that tells you not to.  It is basking in your blackness in a world that loves your culture but not the color of your skin.  It is owning your versatility.  It is celebrating the complexity of your blackness and femininity. 


You hear people say, "black people would be outraged if there was white girl magic or white girls rock".  Well, here's the thing (I'm talking to y'all in the back that think like this), there is no lack of representation of white girls in the media, or anyone telling them that they are too dark, too light, their hair is too nappy, that they are pretty for a black girl as if black is not beautiful!  Black girl magic enforces, and continually reinforces that there is beauty, diversity, intelligence, and creativity collectively in blackness and femininity.  There is a saying/quote I often see that says, "don't let anyone dull your sparkle".  To all of my magical black women and little girls out there I leave you with this: Don't let anyone silence your voice, lessen your experiences, dim your light, or shame your blackness.

Let's Talk:

What does black girl magic mean to you?