Dining Out in Atlanta|Two Urban Licks

On my recent trip to Atlanta, GA, we tried out a restaurant that none of us had ever heard of, but the locals rave about. Two Urban Licks, has been serving up the Atlanta dining scene with its array of flavorful small plates since 2004. When we arrived at the restaurant, we were clearly confused by the outside of what appeared to be a warehouse.  However, GPS said this was our destination. Once inside, we were all in awe at the dimly lit and fiery decor of the restaurant. A total contrast to the establishment's outer appearance. As my friends and I looked over the menu, we were not sure this is what we wanted to eat. However, after consulting  one another we decided to give the place a try, and we're so happy that we did!

After being seated, the waiter left us to look over the menu. To start us off, we had two squarely rounded, crusty pieces of bread, and a rich oil for dipping.  This combination was amazing! When the waiter returned, we placed our individual orders. I ordered a lobster tostada and elotes corn. Listen here, this was the best thing that I ate on this vacation! The lobster tostada was a well-crafted combination of poached Maine lobster, avocado-tomatilla salsa, cabbage, and cojita cheese. I'm a picky eater who normally customizes menu items to my liking, but this along with the elotes corn needed no editing. My taste buds were definitely overjoyed at the flavor party going on in my mouth.  I also sampled the salmon chips, and NY mac and cheese and they were just as great! Next to the items that I ordered, the pimento hush puppies were the best thing I tasted. I was engulfed in foodie happiness by the spicy, cheesy breaded concoction coupled with green chili jam. Each flavor in this dish complimented each other amazingly!

In closing, I must say that I will be frequenting Two Urban Licks on future trips to Atlanta. The atmosphere was amazing and the service was as well.  I am surprised to just be hearing of this restaurant, but I will be sure to spread its name to others.