The Gift of Time

The holiday's are here!  It's no surprise that Thanksgiving left just as fast as it arrived, but I enjoyed it nonetheless with a few close loved ones.  A couple of months ago, one of my favorite gal pals invited me to serve the less fortunate breakfast on Thanksgiving morning.  Every now and then if the weather permits, my family and I would go to the America's Thanksgiving Parade, but this year, I chose to spend my time with those in need.

I started off this holiday of thanks by giving my time to those in need at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Metro Detroit.  Before we began our service, we watched a video, and someone in it said, "anyone can write a check, but giving your time is better."  I agree with this assertion, because there are people in need, and while money can make a difference in their circumstances, spending time with them can give them hope.  A lot of times we run to the aid of other countries in need, when there is an opportunity to service our own communities, in some way.  I'm thankful that my coworkers and I were able to help put a smile on their face, and food in their belly, and I look forward to serving them again, soon.