Stood Up On A Saturday Night


I have been out of the dating game for a while, now.  In actuality, I have never really dated someone as an adult.  It's more like I've been in a few long term Netflix & Chill situationships that occasionally went out to eat or to the movies.  Though, while I am new to this, I'm not oblivious to how a date should go.  Let's just talk about this one date in particular.  As the title of the post preludes, it was no walk in the park, but more like a rendezvous in randomness.  It all started like this:

A month and few weeks or so ago, on a Saturday nonetheless, I met this guy in passing and we shared a laugh and then exchanged numbers.  He waited the customary three days before he called me, and we spoke briefly.  He seemed nice, and excited to get to know me.   During the week, we talked on and off and on Friday I texted him, seeing how he was.  Again, he was excited and expressed that he wanted to see me that weekend.  We agreed to enjoy each other's company over live music and drinks, on either Saturday or Sunday.  

Moving forward to late Saturday afternoon, I hadn't heard from him.  It didn't bother me much since we were playing it by ear.  However, I needed to know if we were going to get together on Saturday, because like any woman, I needed to primp and prepare.  I texted him and we agreed upon a location.  I'm not a fool, so I was not going to let a stranger pick me up from my home, and we agreed to meet there.  I arrived first, and as I walked toward the entrance, I called to see where he was.  He replied that he would be arriving in fifteen minutes.  

I went into the establishment, and went to the restroom to fix my hair, hoping to kill some time.  I returned to the bar area to enjoy the live performer, and looked at the time.  I called him again, and he claimed he was lost but had suggested the location (red flag number one), so I gave him directions. After over an hour of waiting, calling him again and getting no answer (red flag number two), chatting it up with another single woman at the bar, and two Amaretto Sour's, I paid the bartender, retrieved my car from the parking garage, and went home.  Part of me was upset that I had wasted my Saturday, but the other part wasn't because I hadn't gotten my hopes up for this date. 

One thing that I always ask myself when things go awry: What could I have done differently?  Honestly, there's nothing that I could have done to change his incompetence and lack of respect for me and my time.  I was nice (too damn nice), arrived on time, dressed up, and I graced him for being late, and he still did not show up.  I talked to him the next day and he apologized, and promised to make it up, to no avail.  Needless to say, we no longer speak, and I'm STILL single on a Saturday night.


Have you ever been stood up?  How have your dating experiences been recently?