Weekend Style|Smart Brown Girl

You know how this story starts: I'm nobody's fashionista.  However, I loved my look so much from this past weekend, I knew I had to share the details.  What I love most about this look is that even though I only ran errands and went grocery shopping, I could have easily worn this to school, a concert, a lunch date, etc.

Black is essential in my closet and is ultimately my go-to color.  So it only made sense to purchase my Smart Brown Girl Tee by YouTuber and blogger Jouelzy in my signature neutral.  Pause: Have you even heard of the #SmartBrownGirl movement?  There's more behind this brand than being just another graphic tee in your closet, or another hashtag on social media.  In her video "What is a #SmartBrownGirl?", Jouelzy describes this movement as:

"Smart Brown Girl is about taking hold of your own reality and defining your own success story...One of the aspects of being a Smart Brown Girl is having a worldwide preview, and open mindedness to always evolving, and learning, and exploring the world around you, and being cognizant of how small the bubble is that you live in. And what I found across the board is that women of color, of darker melanin, face very similar struggles in other people trying to place them into their own boxes based on what they feel should be the proper norms for them. Being told that they can only do or only be, or they're not good enough, or they're not allowed these opportunities that they see other people pursue... It is about allowing yourself to revel in the lowbrow, the highbrow, the educated, the ratchet, the in between...  I wanted to revel in the fullness of just being a 360 human being, being a person who does occasionally contradict themselves, but that doesn't negate my value."

I love all of what this brand stands by, and the message that it sends to little girls, grown women, and everyone in between.  It reminds us that we do have the ability to define our own success, no matter what that may look like to others.  As a SBG, you realize that there is a box, but that you don't have to live there.  You're free to define your education, your style, your music taste, and your beliefs.  Being a SBG reminds me of one of the lyrics to "The Light" by Common, "It's kinda fresh you listen to more than hip-hop, and I can catch you in the mix from beauty to thrift shop.."  Sounds just like me: Antoinette, The Smart Brown Girl.

This is probably going to be my favorite tee, so I will be getting it in other colors.  I paired my SBG tee with a pair of Forever 21+ black skinny jeans, my animal print sneakers, an old denim jacket from Old Navy, and my glam tote my favorite style blogger, MiaRay.  Here is my full look, and the details of where you can find these pieces: