On The Menu | Shrimp Fajitas


You know how you don't really feel like cooking, but you want something really good? That was me tonight! I was thinking about what was at home to cook and this meal popped into my head. Packed with protein, leafy greens, and whole grains!

So, dinner this evening consisted of two well-portioned shrimp fajitas. This was a healthier take on one of my favorite foods!

To make this possible, all I needed was:

-sautéed shrimp [lightly cooked with garlic and olive oil]
-spinach [raw, cleaned]
-bell pepper [raw]
-corn [cooked in olive oil, lightly seasoned with garlic and Cajun seasoning]
-multigrain w/ flax flatout [one cut in half]
-sour cream [(not pictured) less than a teaspoon]

After throwing all of this together, it's time to enjoy!