Self-CareFree Playlist

Self-care is a term that has been floating heavily around the internet, and I think it's time that we (yes, you and I) talked about it.  First of all, what is it?  The most clear and concise definition of self-care that I found is this: the actions that an individual might take in order to reach optimal physical and mental health.  I have been more aware of my need for self-care in the last year, than ever.  According to an article on MindBodyGreen, self-care is more than eating well and getting enough sleep.  It goes on to provide six scientific reasons why you should add music into your self-care routine like, "music can provide pain relief", and that it "helps to reduce anxiety".  My goal is to share self-care habits every Saturday, so I figured what better way to start it off than with this playlist.


Music is my escape.  I listen to music all day, every day.  From the time I wake up, to when I'm working in my cubicle or working out at the gym, riding around in my car (especially in the car), vibing out with friends, or like at this very moment when I'm writing this post listening to jazz.  Music has always been there.  This is the first of many playlists to come, and it's a special one.  This self-care(free) playlist is for the magical and carefree girl who is dealing with the highs and lows of everyday life, is in search of peace and release, or is looking for a boost of confidence.  It's a compilation of songs that I listen to when I need to think, be alone, dance it out in my room, or if I'm just feelin' myself.  There's something on here for everyone. 

♡, Antoinette

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