8 Plus Size Style Blogs to Watch

Originally published on MIChronicle.com.

Where do you go when you need fashion inspiration? One of the first places that I go to are blogs. As a plus size woman, I love to see what stylish looks my favorite plus size fashion bloggers are putting together, and where they’re shopping. These women project body-positive messages, are very informative, and they will keep you trendy with their outfits of the day, and remixing celebrity looks.  With the images and content that they share on their respective sites and social media, these women are consistently breaking down barriers, and working actively to shift society’s vain perspective of beauty.  Who are my favorite bloggers, you ask? Let’s see (click images to go to their blogs):

Flaws of Couture

Mia The Boss

Style Trifecta

Essie Golden

Curvaceously Bee

Gabi Fresh

Naturally Fashionable

Garner Style