My First Football Game

Sunday, December 14, 2014 is a day that will be indelibly etched in my memory.  Ok, maybe that was a little too deep, but it is really a day that I will never forget.  I am what I like to call athletically challenged.  Not in a sense that I can't play sports, but because I do not understand them.  The only sport that I have expressed interest in, previously, is basketball.  I have attended two Super Bowl parties, not to watch the game, but to enjoy the company of others.  Football was not a sport that I liked, or cared to like, before this day.

It all started with a picture that my 6 year old niece Drew had drawn of herself and the Detroit Lions player Don Carey.  She entered the photo into a contest at school and won a pair of tickets to see the Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings, along with some other classmates.  Her first choice to accompany her to the game was my father, but I'm glad that I ended up going.  This was both of our first football game, and to say the least, I was confused by what looked like a group of men chasing each other across a grassy area. I had finally caught the hang of what was going on the field, after closely paying attention for the first two quarters.  Drew and I shared popcorn, pizza, cotton candy, and nachos as we watched the Lions defend the den in their last home game for the season!

Once the game was over, we adjourned to the lobby to meet with Don Carey.  Once he arrived, a woman by the name of Cathleen (who runs the program that put the event together) asked my niece if she knew who he was. She paused and smiled before happily replying, "Don Carey!".  We all laughed, and Carey continued to greet the children and offer them encouraging words.  I have to say that I really enjoyed myself, and have taken a liking to the game of football, and wouldn't mind attending another game!  I'm so happy that my niece was able to share this experience with me.  The game might be over but the memories will last forever.