More Hair Talk

Welcome to part two! I hope that you enjoyed the previous post!  Here's some advice and a few pictures from my experience.

Quick Advice on Natural Hair


I don't care how nasty you think water is NOTHING can survive without it, including your hair!!! Spritz your hair with water! You can get a spray bottle from the beauty supply or the travel section of your drug store! Water is the best moisturizer! Period.

Read the ingredients!

Stay away from products with parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil and other harsh chemicals.  I get my oils from the grocery store or farmers market. I prefer oils as close as possible to it's natural unrefined state.

Detangle from the ends to the roots!  

Finger detangling lessens breakage.  Use a wide tooth comb if you choose.  My hair is easiest to detangle wet or damp.

Seal your ends.

It’s the oldest part of your hair and needs the most love.  When you’re doing your hair, use an oil to seal in all of the moisture.  When you're taking down your twists, braids, etc. coat your fingers with oil for added shine and to reduce frizz (But I don't like perfect hair..a little frizz never hurt nobody).

Protect your hair..

A protective style does not mean you have to add weave to your hair, and wearing weave will not grow your hair.  If you do wear weave, you have to take care of your natural hair, too!  Also, don’t keep that hair in, forever, ever (lol).  Take it out, let your scalp BREATHE!! Satin pillowcase or bonnet/scarf to protect through the night.

Do your own hair!

If you decide to go a salon, go to someone who actually specializes in NATURAL HAIR!!!  Don’t let people play in your hair!


Turbans, headbands, scarves, beanies, hats...just do it!

Look in the mirror and learn to LOVE what you see (even if you don't love what you see!)!!! You have to believe that your hair is beautiful! Nobody can build up your self-confidence.  You have to affirm it for yourself! Let me tell you, people have criticized and straight up disrespected my hair! But you know what? YOU have the last say about how YOU feel about YOURSELF! Don't let anyone compare you to theirs or this world's "standards" of beauty.  Love yourself, ladies! | My theme songs, that just make me want to rock out with my fro out are "Put Your Records On" by Corinne Bailey Rae, and "I Am Not My Hair" by India Arie. xoxo

When I originally started going back to my natural hair texture, I failed after the first five months.  I broke down and got a perm! So, when I started over, I created a "vision board" of some of my favorite kinky and coily ladies.  This board is still hanging on my wall! It inspired me! Make a collage on your wall or phone to remind you, encourage you. Do what you have to do ladies, but do not give up! This transition is so worth it!

Favorite Naturalistas Online

  • CharyJay -YouTube|
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  • Donedo - YouTube
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I have sooooo many more pictures of my hair that I will post at a later date.  I've tried a lot of styles, and while some have failed, many have become my "go-to" styles! I hope that this helps you in some way on your journey! Got questions, want to share your experience/ regimen, or just want to say "Hey!"? Go ahead in the comments, or follow me on Instagram! 

Thanks for reading!