Coconut Oil + Karaoke


This past week I had the pleasure of being present at possibly the one of the best concerts I've ever attended, and having one of the best nights that I’ve had in a long time.  My latest musical obsession, body-positive rapper/singer Lizzo's Coconut Oil Tour had finally made its way to Detroit at El Club in Mexicantown.  I kept putting off buying tickets because I didn't have anyone to go with me, and because the concert was right in the middle of the work week.  It just so happened that two days before the concert, fellow blogger Leah V. was hosting a giveaway for tickets to the show.  All I had to do was share a personal insecurity and how I overcame it in order to enter.  If you haven’t figured it out by now…I won!

The day of the show came, and I excitedly made my way to Southwest Detroit to the venue.  While waiting for the show to begin, I enjoyed a couple of Good as Hell Long Island Iced Teas, named for a song on Lizzo’s latest EP.  Bevlove opened the show, performing songs from her recently released project, Talk That Shit. Her performance was followed up by Dizzy Fae, and then DJ Sofia Eris got the crowd hyped up for Lizzo to take the stage.  She most definitely had me turnt when she mixed Ooouu by Young M.A. with Ambitionz Az a Ridah by 2Pac.  By that time, Leah had arrived, and we laughed and danced waiting for the show to start.  The beat to Worship, the first track on Coconut Oil, dropped and Lizzo pranced out onto the stage donning a metallic gold-sequined jacket with pink feathers lining the wrists, and a bodysuit (or onesie) underneath. 


I had only just discovered Lizzo’s music this past October, and she’s been on repeat ever since.  Coconut Oil was recommended to me on Spotify, and it was the title and cover art that drew me in.  Her music is real and relatable, and she's just dope and unapologetic AF!  Throughout the night, she performed all of my favorites from her current and past projects, including ‘Scuse Me, Phone, Good as Hell (I keep this in rotation to start my mornings off right), Coconut Oil (obviously), En Love, and My Skin.  As she performed I sang along and danced the night away.  This night was the epitome of carefree-black girl magic!  From Lizzo’s bold and vibrant wardrobe and voluminous hair, to her vocal performance, to her dancers twerking it out, and to me dancing and singing along unapologetically as if I were in my bedroom in front of the mirror.  It was an amazing show, but the night didn’t end with the concert.

We stayed after, enjoying pizza and karaoke with the crowd.  The night was full of laughs and I enjoyed every waking moment of it.  If you should happen to see me anywhere on the internet thrusting or doing the running man to Push It by Salt-N-Pepa, or performing Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny’s Child with a bevy of carefree magical black girls, or line dancing in the fashion of the Rockettes, or even doing the dance routine to Single Ladies by Beyoncé, just know that I had a good ass night, and I am unapologetic of it all! Do yourself a favor and check out Coconut Oil x Lizzo!