Play + Listen | Jump Hi x Lion Babe

I'm one of those people that have to listen to music when they're doing just about anything, especially getting ready for work in the morning.  Typically, I catch the morning rotation of music videos on VH1 Soul and vibe to oldies and current hits.  Such was the case on a beautiful Spring morning a few days ago.  As I was setting my hair for the day, and rushing to get out of the house, I heard the belting of a distinctive voice from the television.  I glanced over and saw a beautiful woman with wild hair singing and moving to the melody.  I had never seen her before, never heard her voice.  The song and video came to an end and there was her name: LION BABE (that I now know is a group).  The group is comprised of Jillian Hervey (the beautiful woman with wild hair) and Lucas Goodman.

As I was searching for new music in the R&B section of iTunes, I came across the LION BABE EP.  So I  after previewing the four tracks, I did what any normal person does...I bought the EP!  It's hard for me to describe Lion Babe's sound.  With Hervey on the vocals and Goodman on the beats, the duo collide and the result is beautiful music.  The lyrics and video for the song Jump Hi featuring Childish Gambino is what originally caught my attention that day and put Lion Babe on my radar:

"Tie me down, try to hold me up
But the wall ain't high enough
They play so hard
In a game so rough
But I still can't
Give it up"

Simple lyrics sung by a sultry singer, provoking a powerful message: no matter what they do, or how hard the struggle may be, I refuse to give up.  I've said it before, I love music with a message, and this song has it, and came with the encouragement that I needed at this time in my life.  This entire EP is fire (insert several flame emojis here)!  Check out the song, below: