Jane the Virgin

Have you been watching The CW's new show Jane the Virgin?  I'm so happy to have found this show to fill my Monday nights.  Ever since I've escaped the hold that reality tv had on me, my Monday night tv slots have been vacant.  The show aired a couple of weeks ago, and while it's only two episodes in, I'm hooked!  Ok, so here's the story:

The show is set in Miami, and the story line follows the life of Jane Villanueva.  She's a young Latina, student, a virgin, and is saving herself for marriage.  At 10 years old, Jane's grandmother symbolized the importance of saving herself for marriage by having her crumple up a flower, and then trying to restore it to it's former glamour, and she couldn't. So the beginning to a series of unfortunate events occurs when Jane heads to a routine gynecological appointment and is accidentally inseminated by Dr. Luisa Alver, the sister of her old crush Rafael, who just happens to be her manager at a hotel where she is a waitress.  Jane is in a realtionship with Michael, a detective, who proposes to her the day that she finds out that she is pregnant, but he does not want to raise another man's child.

There is so much that has unfolded in just two episodes!  I'm not going to give away too much, but I would reccommend that you check it out!  The show is loosely based off of the Venezuelan telenovela, Juana la virgen.  I was watching the show, and saying the things that I would do if this happened to me, and truthfully I do not know what I'd do.  It's easier for us to say what we would do if we were in a certain situation, but when (or if) that situation presents itself, our reaction probably won't be the same.  This show is full of laughs, and even more drama!  I must warn you, there is a lot of Spanish speaking, and subtitles, but if you decide to watch the show, you will get used them.

So tell me, will you be tuning in?

Jane the Virgin airs Monday's at 9pm on the CW.  Check your local listings for more information.