Healthy Snacking|Graze Box

In the quest to find sensible and nutrition dense foods and snacks, I came across a service that ended my journey. Graze is a service that offers that offers delicious snacks at an affordable cost. Back in May, an email popped up in my inbox offering a free box, and I only had to pay for shipping. I received a reminder just about every month up until I made my purchase, a week or so ago. I became more interested after seeing one of my favorite vloggers, CharyJay, talk about it in her video, "My Fav Healthy Snacks" on YouTube.

I actually received my first box on Monday, October 20, which just so happened to have been my 26th birthday. I love getting things like this in the mail, because it's literally like Christmas or your birthday every time they arrive. After dinner, I did a taste test with my family. I know the snacks were supposed to be for me, but I was so excited that I had to share! Ok, enough small talk, let's get snacking!

Pear Tatin

Description: pear, raspberry cranberries, yogurt coated seeds & almonds

This snack was pretty good!  I actually added it to some trail mix that I already had.  I have never had yogurt covered sunflower seeds, and this was a pleasant surprise.  I also never tried out dried pears, and they were okay.  They didn't have a distinct taste, and I did not care for the soft texture.  However, I would not mind trying this snack, again.

Cheese & Chive Oatbakes

Description: wholegrain oatbakes with caramelized onion marmalade

I'll keep this one short, I did not like this snack.  My tastebuds were not pleased by the caramelized marmalade.  The taste was very strong and will not be trying this, again.

Black Pepper Pistachios

Description: pistachios roasted with black pepper

Who doesn't love pistachios?!  The black pepper on these nuts added spice, and believe me, they pack a hard punch.  I enjoyed these on my drive home and loved every moment of them.  I will be trying this, and other snacks like this one, again.

 Brownie Flapjack

Description: rustic rolled flapjack with brownie pieces

This was a m a z i n g!  The brownie flapjack reminded me of a soft baked granola bar.  The chunks of brownie bits were covered in soft rolled oats.  I definitely want this snack in every box!  This was the best one, yet.

What I like about Graze Box:

  • Your Graze box can be delivered to your home or work address, and can fit inside of your mailbox.  No signature necessary.

  • You can choose to have your box delivered every week or every two weeks.

  • If you don't like a snack, you can trash it and never receive it again.  The snacks that you do like you can request them to be sent often.

  • The variety of snacks are amazing and include popping corn, dips and dippers, flapjacks, savory selections, wholesome treats, etc.

I've only just received my first box, but I'm ready for the second. I opted for the every other week option.  Stay tuned to my social media pages for bi-weekly updates on my upcoming boxes!

Would you like to try out Graze Box?  Get your first box free, here.