Play + Listen | 4 Classic R&B Albums I Keep On Repeat

Music is an inescapable part of my life.  No matter my mood, there is a song to match it.  There is no doubt that I'm closer to the rhythm and blues genre, than any other.  My love for soulful music is innate.  It's a bonding mechanism for my father and I.  We are always going around playing an oldie but goodie and quizzing each other to see if we can guess the artist, or song title.  But that's just us...  Lately, more than ever, I've been dousing myself in a rhytmic wave of classic R&B albums, and of course I had to share!


Secrets x Toni Braxton, 1996 | Favorite Song: Talking in His Sleep

I remember my dad having this cd back in the 90's, so well.  Those were the days when the booklets enclosed in with the cd would have the lyrics to all of the tracks inside.  I distinctively remember playing and rewinding Talking in His Sleep and reading/singing along.  This album also features hits like I Love Me Some HimYou're Making Me High, Let It Flow and Unbreak My Heart.  I have always loved Toni's deep voice and this is my favorite album by her.  Hands down.


Share My World x Mary J. Blige, 1997 | Favorite Song: Share My World

This will forever be in my top five list of favorite albums, ever, among all genres!  Mary J. Blige must have somehow known when she created this that I would be a hopeless romantic, and songs like EverythingIt's On, and Missing You would speak to my heart in a way like no other.  This is truly a body of work that you can just let play.


Waiting to Exhale [Soundtrack] x Various Artists, 1995 | Favorite Song: Kissing You x Faith Evans

If you loved the movie Waiting to Exhale, I'm almost sure that you loved this soundtrack just as much, if not more!  If you didn't then I really don't care.  This soundtrack went  platinum 7x according to RIAA standrads and if you've heard it, you know exactly why.  The songs express exactly the emotions and changes in the film, and are sung by some the most talented women...ever: Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Toni Braxton, Brandy, Faith Evans, SWV, and more (yes, more)! I remember my oldest niece and I used to sing Count on Me and How Could You Call Her Baby? all the time.  



Who is Jill Scott: Words And Sounds Vol. 1 x Jill Scott | Favorite Song: Do You Remember?

Jilly from Philly will always have a place in my heart, and she earned that spot with this cd, here.  Another classic introduced to me by my father.  He would play this cd in the car wherever we went and I instantly fell in love with it.  Jill’s smooth lyrics, fused with poetry, and colorful storytelling was, and still is, everything!  Some of my favorites from this cd are Exclusively, Show Me, and Honey Molasses.  Have you ever seen Jill’s VH1 Storyteller’s performance?  It’s the next best thing to seeing her up close and personal.  I would advise you to check it out!

Here’s the thing…I was going to do a list of five, but once I finished writing about Jill, I realized how perfect these four were and left it alone (lol).  

So tell me: Do you keep these four classics in rotation?  

What are some of your favorite classic R&B albums?