Music to Your Ears | Forever Don't Last x Jazmine Sullivan

She's back! The sultry songstress we know as Jazmine Sullivan has resurfaced with hot new music! As we await the autumn arrival of her third studio album, Reality Show, we are rewarded with her new single, "Forever Don't Last".
Ladies, we've all been in that relationship.  You know, the one we know isn't amounting to much. Noted by Sullivan as her most personal song, she bears memories of a failed relationship and her attempt to save it.  Reality is, forever doesn't last and neither did the song, which is why it's been on repeat since I first heard it! Her deep, raspy, soulful voice croons to us from beginning to end. The singer goes on to say [about the song] in an interview,

“I'm basically crying on that song. It's a ballad, and that's classic Jazmine. It's a letting-go song which is why it's so personal. I feel like I came to a point in my relationship where [I needed] to let go and move on. I just had to do it."

How many of us can be just as honest with not only ourselves, but our audiences, and pour out our hearts for the world to see? I don't know about any of you, but this song is bringing up memories of past relationships that I'm thankful didn't last for forever!

‘Forever Don't Last' is a follow up to the first single ‘Dumb’ from the upcoming album. My favorite part of the song is:

“I had high hopes for us baby, like I was on dope for us baby. Chasing after a high that I’ll never get back again. So we turn into three long years, and it became painfully clear that we would never see those days again. But I guess forever doesn't last too long…these days…”.

Whew! She is surely singing of my past love life in this song. Jazmine Sullivan makes the kind of music that incites your mind and heart to feel something. Whether you're going in circles over him, dreaming big, or running from lions, tigers, and bears, when you hear her voice and lyrical content over a captivating beat, there is no choice but to feel.

Check out the song here: