Fun In the Sun | Forever 21+ Swim 2015

By reading the title of this post you’re probably thinking, “Fun in the sun? Yeah right!”, and I can’t blame you.  With these bundled up frosty days before us, fun in the sun seems so far away!  So imagine my surprise when I saw all of this vibrant and colorful swimwear in my inbox.  Forever 21+ has their 2015 line of stylish, and affordable, swimwear up for grabs, already.  Honestly speaking, now is the time to grab your beach and poolside attire!  You do not want to wait for the weather to break its cold streak before you go looking, trust me.

As I perused the brand’s website I came across several of my personal favorites from the selection that is available.  So I thought it’d only be fitting to share them with you!

TOP $16.90 | BOTTOM $14.90

I love the halter look of this bikini!  Personally, I believe it relieves the potential pressure that wearing straps may put on your shoulders.


Not ready for a two-piece?  No problem!  This one-piece offers the look a bikini, but leaves the midsection to the imagination with this mesh panel.

TOP $17.90

Just about every outlet that sells bras has been all over the corset-like bra and it’s not a surprise that it is showing up in this year’s swim collection!  The great thing about this top is that is supportive all the while being stylish.

TOP $16.90, BOTTOM $14.90

I love this bright and mesmerizing tribal print, but for some reason, this pair reminds me of a sports bra and high-waist underwear, and that is what ultimately attracted me to it.  The top also has a strappy crisscross back.

TOP$16.90, BOTTOM $15.90

Lastly, but certainly not least, is my personal favorite.  This is the one for me (at least one of the ones for me).  I’ve said it before that I love wearing all black, and that I’m trying to stray away from it, but there is something so chic and classic about this pair.  You will see me poolside in this, this year. This set also comes in a neon coral, but I will stick to black, for now (lol).

The best part about all of separate pieces is that you don’t have to wear them together!  Add a solid top or bottom to mix up the monotony or be daring and mix prints and patterns to create your own personal look.

Are you feeling Forever 21+ swimwear line for 2015?  If so, what's your favorite?


Antoinette Jackson