Curlspiration | Honey, I'm Blonde!

Well, not necessarily. I'm more like a honey blonde, hence the pun in the title of this post. I must say that I am enjoying this spice I've added to my life! Honey, blondes do have more fun. *giggles*

 This was the inspiration behind my color.

This was the inspiration behind my color.

Kelis is definitely one of my favorite hair muses.  I fell in love with this color, kind of a reversed ombré. Just the way the color enhanced her curly locks enticed me! So I sent the picture to my hair stylist, Robert, and he proceeded to develop a plan! He gradually lightened two layers of my hair. The back of my hair, closest to my neck, is still my natural hair color. The middle is "chocolate-y" brown, and the top is a golden fiery frenzy! I love the color! When he applied the color, he styled me into a silky straight look to show off my new highlights! Though, honestly, I can't wait to do a twist out, braid out, or something! I've said it before, I get bored with straight hair...FAST!!!

And I did! Check out my bantu knot  out, below! I used nothing but "One 'N Only Argan Oil Styling Cream".  I'm loving it!