Play + Listen | Chrisette Michele

It's Wednesday, and in true social media fashion, I'm here to share my #WomanCrushWednesday!  For reasons other than her beauty, I chose to celebrate one of my favorite singers, Chrisette Michele!  Here are 3 reasons why I'm crushing on her:

Her Spirit

In case you missed it, Chrisette Michele has started a personal website titled "Rich Hipster".  It is a gathering place for art and love to come together.  I’m all for the rich hipster movement.  Rich hipsters possess a richness that flows from the heart and not the wallet.  It is not often that celebs truly bare themselves for the world to see.  Chrisette Michele invites her fans, and fellow rich hipsters alike, behind the scenes as she vlogs and on her website where she writes.  I feel like Chrisette and I were supposed to be sisters or best friends at the very least (lol).  I genuinely enjoy her website, and its raw, unmatched candidness.

Her Voice

You've heard her sing, so you already know.  The first time that I heard her voice was around the time that her first cd came out.  My father was playing it in the car, and of course I had to borrow it (and from there the rest is history, as they say).  I can also remember when I worked at EXPRESS, and her voice serenaded me on my shifts with Nas on his single, “Can’t Forget About You”.  From the delivery of her notes to the sultry tone of her voice, whether alone or singing the hook on a hip-hop song, Chrisette Michele is easily one of the greatest R&B singers, ever!  If I had to choose my favorite song from each of her albums, it’d go something like this:

“Good Girl" – from her first album, I Am.

“Porcelain Doll” – Epiphany

“So in Love” – Let Freedom Reign

“Rich Hipster” - Better

Her Creativity

I love Chrisette Michele's style from her makeup, to her natural hair, to the vintage inspired clothes that she wears.  Whether rocking her colorful teeny weeny afro or the protective styling of boxed braids and Marley twists, her hair exemplifies the versatility that natural hair entails.  Recently she recorded a two-part vlog of her thrifting vintage pieces, and then styling them (see the video below).  I can see how my “best friend” Chris, as she likes to be called, and I are alike with our fashion choices from this video, especially with that last look.  I could see myself styling those pieces similarly.

This is not your average #WCW, where women are praised for their outward beauty.  I respect Chrisette Michele as an artist and what her spirit brings to the world.  She is uniquely put together and a force to be reckoned with on and off the stage.  Chrisette Michele will be in concert in Detroit mid-December, and guess who has tickets?  If you guessed that it was me, then you’d be correct!  I can’t wait to see what her live for the first time, and swoon to the soulful sound of her voice.