A Night Out|The Chrisette Michele Concert

I'm pretty sure by now that you know that I love the vocal powerhouse known as Chrisette Michele. My cousin Bianca and I attended her intimate and entertaining show at Motor City Casino's Soundboard, last Thursday. This was my first time seeing her perform live, and I know it definitely won't be the last.  

Throughout the night, Chrisette crooned to us what she enthusiastically referred to as "money notes". You know, those notes singers hit so the audience know they are getting their money's worth. Besides honing her craft and skillfully, but effortlessly, delivering Grammy award-winning vocals, the audience was furthermore entertained by her comedic digressions between songs. Not being oblivious to the recent and tragic events in our communities and the state of race affairs, Chrisette addressed the conditions while calling for peace and encouraging each of us to impact change.

As the show progressed, we found ourselves swooning and singing along to hits like, "Better", "A Couple of Forevers", "Goodbye Game", "If I Have My Way", and "Super Chris" from her most recent EP, "The Lyricists Opus".  In addition to her endless repertoire of classics, we were serenaded as she covered "On & On" by Erykah Badu, and our spirits were filled as she sang the gospel hit, "Total Praise". This was definitely a night to remember, and will be soon repeated when she returns in February on her Lyricist Opus Tour stop, and guess what?  I'll be there.


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