Chafing Much? | 3 Ways to Avoid and Relieve Chafing This Summer

I've always had thick thighs (except for a portion of elementary school, which doesn't count), and they have always touched.  When I'm walking through the halls at work, if it's quiet enough, you can hear an ongoing conversation between my left and right thigh, through my work pants.  While I was navigating through the streets of New Orleans a week or so ago, I had one of the worst chafing experiences of my life!  I wore a dress on one of the days that we did the most walking, and I noticed two round welts from chafing on my inner thighs.  They were sensitive, almost painful, to the touch, and my friend Kelli offered me some relief!  Check out these three sources of relief for your chafing thighs this summer:

1. Glide, $7.99 - First up is Glide, an anti-chafing moisturizing balm, that resembles deodorant, that you apply to area most likely to chafe.  In this case, we're talking about those Chatty Patty thighs of ours!  This balm is enriched with vitamins, sweat resistant, and provides all day protection against chafing.  What I love most is that this product is allergen free and vegan, made with plant based ingredients.  

2. Bandelettes, $15.99 - I was totally caught off guard with the idea of Bandelettes, at first, but we got seriously acquainted on this trip!  Have you ever worn thigh highs?  That sexy, thick, lacy band that is at the top is basically all a Bandelette is.  I wore a pair of these two nights on the trip, and they were not noticebale underneath my pants, or my skirt.  They are so lightweight that I even forgot I was wearing them!  

3. Aloe Vera Gel - The soothing, calming, and healing properties of aloe vera gel, alone is enough to relieve you of chafing.  Liberally applying the aloe vera gel to the area will ease the pain, and keep chafing at bay.  You can find aloe vera gel at any drugstore in the health and beauty section, or you can grab a plant from a garden shop and get it straight from the source.

Fact: Not only plus size women suffer from thigh chafing.  These three methods are ideal for relief for athletes, your workout regimen, or anyone experiencing chafing.  Kelli certainly came through, and helped me out in a major way (thanks girl!). 

How do you deal with chafing?