Behind the Blog

I wanted to stop for a moment in between posts to share myself with my readers.  If you hadn’t concluded from the title of my blog, my name is Antoinette.  I was inspired by one of my favorite cartoons, As Told By Ginger, when thinking of what to name this here space.  I first began blogging in 2010 with my first blog, According to Antoinette. It began as a natural hair blog to journal my journey as I transitioned.  The blog is hosted on Tumblr, and once I realized that the site was more of a picture sharing forum, I decided to transfer my posts to the site that you see, now. It was is in 2013 that I purchased the AsToldByAntoinette domain, and began to post on WordPress.  

With the start of this blog, I wanted to share more than just natural hair.  I wanted to talk about other things that interested me.  I was encouraged to blog about my time as a vegetarian which resulted in the post, My Life As a Vegetarian, and it's follow up, The Very Hungry Vegetarian. I was indeed surprised by the response that those posts received.  I thoroughly enjoy writing about topics other than just hair.  So I began to share my fitness journey, recipes, and different events and experiences I’ve encountered. I am constantly inspired by other blogs and sites, but I do not want my space to be like theirs.  I can remember, not so long ago, feeling like the internet was saturated with lifestyle blogs.  Guess what?  It is!  However, there is something that those other sites are lacking…me!  My voice, my thoughts, and my experiences.  This is where my tagline, “life and style, the way she sees it”, comes in.  It was important for me to realize that, because there would be no more As Told By Antoinette if I had not.

As a writer, I always say that my goals are to inspire, inform, and encourage someone, especially women, regardless of what the topic is.  Writing is therapeutic for me, and I have rekindled a flame for it with this site.  If you are looking to start a blog, my advice is simple: just do it.  You have a voice and no matter what topic it is, there is someone that needs to hear it.