Antoinette's Skin Care Regimen

In the last few months, I have been at war with my skin.  With the consistent weather changes, and changes in my eating habits, my face was in need of saving!  So much that I hadn't posted too many selfies on social media, and I didn't want to use filters.  Being a frugalista and not wanting to pay for a visit to the dermatologist, I visited the next best thing, YouTube.  I watched several videos with different methods to rid my skin of these bad and frequent breakouts.  After viewing countless videos, I found two products that have become my daily facial skin care regimen, and a face mask that I do weekly.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

The first product that I came across was "Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps 18-in-1 Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap".  Peppermint oil is a great ingredient that wards off intruding pimples and clears skin over time.  This product can be used in so many different ways, including face/body wash, fruit/vegetable wash, and as shampoo.  I currently use this product at the beginning and end of each day.    To wash my face, I first wash my hands, the pads of my fingers, and nail beds with the soap.  Following that, I wet my face with warm water, squeeze a small amount of the product into my palm [this products lathers well, so less is more], and in a circular motion, I rub the product onto my face, and my hairline. This removes any makeup and any buildup that arises.  I rinse well with cool water and allow my face to air dry.  This product comes in different scents and in a travel size perfect for the gym or vacationing.

Thayers Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera

Next up is "Thayers Original Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera" to tone and firm the skin.  The product's bottle states the claim that this is "an all -natural toner for healthy looking skin, adding moisture while helping to protect the skin from airborne impurities, and as an alternative to drying astringents".  This product tightens and smoothes the skin, ultimately leaving it healthier.  After washing my face as mentioned in step one, and allowing it to air dry, I squeeze a little of the toner onto a cotton round and dab it all over my face.  I like to focus on my nose, between my brows, and near my mouth, as those are the places that pimples tend to frequent.  Once the product dries, I lightly dab sweet almond oil [protects skin from the sun's harmful rays, and contains protein, vitamin E and B vitamins, and other healthy fats and minerals] on my face to lock in moisture, also.

While these products have halted the recurrence of breakouts, and lessened the appearance of blemishes, there is one product that is so cost-efficient, it's free...WATER!  Yes, the healing properties of high-quality H2O are great and increase skins elasticity.  Summing it all up, with proper water consumption and a consistent regimen, your skin will begin in to heal and beautify itself, and you won't need to use any makeup or filters!