Antoinette's Favorite Podcasts

I used to hate talk radio.  My father would play his sportscasts in the car and I would do my best to tune it out.  Maybe because sports never moved me much, but whatever the reason I was not, as they say, "here for it."  Fast forwarding to the present, I can't get enough of it!  Now I like to listen to my favorite stations on the drives to and from work and chime in out loud.  So then came the day that I discovered podcasts.  I love to listen to these when I'm at work, or even in the car.  I wanted to share my favorite podcasts with you:

 The Read

I kept hearing people talk about this podcast, and I kept forgetting to check it out.  So one day when my workload was slow, I added them to My Podcasts on my iPhone.  I was half-listening and then a hilarious obscenity made me stop and say, "WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?!"  Yes, this podcast takes it there.  Hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle, this weekly roundup of black excellence headlines, celebrity news, advice to listeners, and of course the clenching "read", is sure to keep you laughing and updated on everything from entertainment to headline news.  This podcast may be a little raunchy for some, but the hosts are spot on with their reads, and colorfully telling it like it is.  Check out past episodes at

Myliek Teele's Podcast

If you're a natural hair enthusiast, like myself, I am confident that you have heard of Myliek Teele, or her business Curlbox.  Myliek has one of the best podcasts, ever, offering more than advice, but her experiences in business, entrepreneurship, mental health, dating, and so much more!  Listening to Myliek's podcast is like having a virtual mentor at your leisure.  I love listening to old podcasts for reinforcement, and encouragement.  To accompany her podcasts, Myliek has created a journal to help her us learn more to earn more.  Let 'My' teach you and check out all her podcasts at

Black Girls Talking

black girls talking

Have you ever been walking by minding your own business, and heard someone's conversation and could help but listen?  Listening to this podcast is like happening upon a dialogue of four women discussing everything under the sun!   Black Girls Talking is hosted by four friends: Alesia, Ramou, Aurelia, and Fatima, "wherein four black women discuss pop culture, representation of people of color, and the pursuit of the perfect body oil."  I love this podcast and the idea of black women sharing thoughts on the aforementioned, and being forward, unapologetic, and candid in doing so.  You can listen to this podcast at

What are some of your favorite podcasts or radio talk shows?