A Well-Read Woman...


A well-read woman is a dangerous creature. - Lisa Kleypas

I'm a serial book starter and buyer.  I will buy book after book, start reading, get distracted, and won't pick it up again for a few weeks (maybe even months).  However, I do love to read.  I'm setting a goal for myself this year, not a resolution, to read more.  Not for sport or to rack up my book count but to increase knowledge and fuel curiosity. I resolved to do this last year, but to no avail and not challenging myself, it did not happen.

My personal goal is to read one book every two weeks.  What do I like to read, you ask?  I love bios, informative, empowering, inspiring and advice-giving reads; urban fiction (cc: Omar Tyree, Sista Souljah, and any Triple Crown Publication), and erotica (Hey Zane, girl!).  I love everything about reading: character development, the thickening of the plot, descriptive language, and thought-provoking topics that lead to conversation.   Now I'm not running out to Barnes & Noble or logging onto Amazon just yet!  I have a book case full of books, and I haven't had a chance to dig into a lot of them.  The eight books that I am going to share next are at the top of my list (and book case) to start and finish in the next few weeks.  Check them out!

Books I've started...


Angel's Laws of Bloggin x Angel Laws

One of my favorite bloggers recommended this book and I ordered it the day after I read that post.  That was almost a year ago!  The book is by Angel Laws, creator of Concrete Loop, a hip-hop music blog.  The book is filled with valuable information for novice and professional bloggers, and everyone in between.  It discusses everything from naming your blog, to monetizing, to creating original content.


Year of Yes x Shonda Rhimes

If you follow me on Snapchat (@atbantoinette), and you should, you've heard me speak about my year of YES several times!  Shonda Rhimes, creative GENIUS behind the scripts of Grey's Anatomy + Scandal, is an amazing storyteller!  The idea behind her personal year of yes came when her sister was hesitant to ask her something, because she always so NO!  So she decided that for one year, she'd say yes to the things that scare her.  Talk about a challenge!  Through her wittiness and sarcasm, she offers tips to get you out of your comfort zone and say YES!  


My So-Called Freelance Life x Michelle Goodman

I don't know about you, but I refuse to spend the rest of my life working for 'the man' every night and day (in my best Tina Turner voice).  So I grabbed this book to aid me in my freelance quest.  I'm on chapter 3, and I haven't picked this up in so long, I do not remember what I read!  I guess I'll be starting from the beginning with this one.  


The Sister's are Alright x Tamara Winfrey Harris

This book fully articulates my thoughts on the perception of black women.  I mean, it NAILS it!  I heard about this book on the Black Girls Talking podcast, and the author was sharing the premise behind creating this work.  It talks about black women and marriage, in the media, skin color, and so much more.  I'm about half way through, but I definitely recommend this.  I know you see all those note tabs, highlighting key points and quotes!  I'll blog about it once I finish.


The Power Playbook x Lala Anthony

I really just love Lala Anthony.  That is the main reason that I grabbed this book.  I came across it at B&N, in the advice section at a time when I needed some guidance..  I'm more than half way through and this true life experience of growing professionally, independently, and becoming more successful is very inspiring!

up next...

Between the World and Me x Ta-Nehisi Coates

When Toni Morrison says something is "required reading", you read it.  Often held in comparison to James Baldwin's The Fire Next TimeBetween the World and Me is an attempt to answer questions about being black in America.  More on that once I finish reading.


Produced By Faith x DeVon Franklin

I read about Produced by Faith by DeVon Franklin in a magazine, and I was sold.  The book is a journey through the process of creating a movie and it compares each stage to the stages in your career.  It is said that this book will help you gain success in your career without compromising your faith.  I can't wait to read!

Once I finish these, I will share my next batch and expound on the experiences that I gathered while reading these literary works.

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