The No Meat Defeat

A couple of days ago I shared on social media that I had gone back to eating meat.  Well, not all meat, but select chicken and turkey products have been added back into my diet.  Last year I blogged several times about my adventures in vegetarianism and pescetarianism. I've only reverted to eating meat because I honestly just had a taste for chicken.

I feel that I make pretty smart choices when deciding what to include and exclude in my diet, and I've been just as smart with the poultry that I have consumed.  For example, the chicken fajitas that I posted on social media were made using Simple Truth organic chicken breast tenders.  These are the same chicken products that I used before I made the decision to give it all up.  Will I continue eating chicken?  Will I return to being a pescetarian?  Or will I try vegetarianism, again?  Only time will tell, but for now I'm enjoying the process.

So about those chicken fajitas that I was talking are the ingredients and the recipe:


3 flour tortillas

1 pack Simple Truth [Kroger] Organic Chicken Breast

1 pack Archer Farms [Target] fajita sauce


assorted bell peppers


rice [white or brown]


1. Sauté chicken, peppers, and onions in a skillet.

2. Once the peppers and onions are tender, and the chicken is cooked thoroughly, add the fajita sauce and allow it to simmer.

3. Serve on flour tortilla with rice, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, etc., or as desired. [Not into chicken?  This sauce will pair well with tofu, mushrooms (as a meat substitute), shrimp, and beef.]

4. Enjoy!