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An R&B album that I have personally been waiting on is finally here!  Jazmine Sullivan is back, and better than ever, with her third studio project, “Reality Show”.  A few months back I shared my love for the ballad “Forever Don’t Last”, and it’s only right that I share the love that I have for this entire body of work.

Unlike what you might see on television, this reality show is just that…REAL!  Real lyrics detailing real life experiences crooned over really dope beats and melodies, delivered by a really soulful singer.  As a connoisseur of R&B music, this album comes as relief as there is a minimum of quality music that is being produced nowadays.  The songs on the radio sound the same, and everyone is talking about the same thing, but leave it to Jazmine Sullivan to record a nostalgic, yet original, body of work that our heads can nod to, fingers can snap to, and hearts can relate to.  If you’re looking for an album to put on repeat, look no further than this new release.

What’s my favorite song, you ask?  Let me explain, it’s never easy for me to just choose a favorite song on an album filled with great songs.  I love the first two singles, Dumb and Forever Don’t Last, but what has my full attention from this album is Masterpiece (Mona Lisa).  Why?  It's a feel good song and encourages confidence in one's self.

My favorite part of the song is:

“As the sun shines on all of my glory, my flaws don’t look so bad at all.  What was I so afraid of?  Every part of me is a vision of a portrait of Mona, Mona Lisa.  Every part of me is beautiful, and I finally see I’m a work of art: a masterpiece.”

If I had to choose a second favorite, it’d be Mascara.  Why, you ask?  It’s real.  She’s basically saying, “yea, my hair is fake, my butt is fake, he’s paying my rent, I’m fly, and so what?!”  In true Jazmine Sullivan form, this song packs sass, confidence, and the message that since the people are watching, you might as well make it worth their gaze.

My favorite part of this song is:

"So I never leave the house without makeup on.  I keep mascara in my pocket if I'm running to the market 'cause you never know who's watching you.  So I gotta stay on...Don't I deserve to be privileged?  Don't I deserve to get the very best? 'Cause it ain't easy being this fine all the time.  'Cause if it was then we all could do it."

On my first listen to the project as a whole, I had to stop and really listen to the lyrics of Let it Burn.  What grabbed at my attention was a notable melody in the background from one my favorite R&B songs, Ready or Not by After 7.  Seemingly a sample of the classic hit, this added to my attraction of this song.  This album is filled with awesomeness, and has been on repeat since its release.  An eclectic compilation of love ballads, break-up-to-make-up classics, ride out music, and more.

Have you heard the cd, yet? What’s your favorite song?

“Reality Show” is now available on iTunes or wherever music is sold.

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