Jill Scott Covers Essence Magazine

My mind has been all over the place, and I have not had a chance to read this month’s issue of my favorite magazine, Essence. Gracing the cover, ever so fiercely, is the songstress Jill Scott. Affectionately known as “Jilly from Philly”, the singer/actress opens up about fashion, hair, love, and life.  A lot of people that know me know that I am a huge fan of this woman's work.  What they may not know is that she is someone who inspires me creatively, not only through her musical and poetic works, but through her style, and her point of view.  The hair and fashion of Jill Scott in the photos that accompany this piece are hot, especially this well-tailored black suit, and all of the hairstyles! Jill Scott is certainly my soul sista/best friend [in my head], so I was excited to see her on the this month's cover donning beautiful blonde hair and a body contouring dress that hits each of her womanly curves, nicely.

These are some of my favorite quotes in the article:

On people being in her business:

“My only job is to be happy. So for everybody out there who cares about me and is not trying to be all up in a ‘celebrities business’, just know that I'm happy.”

On how she feels if people don't like her fashion:

“That's my job, I get to sing for people, I get to act for people, I get to write for people. So if they don't like what I'm wearing, it's not the end of the world for me. I will survive.”

On playing James Brown’s wife in the “Get On Up” biopic:

“I loved loving James Brown…This is why I love acting--you can literally lose yourself in someone else's memories.”

On people not paying her back:

“…I expect to be paid back on time, and if I'm not, don't ever ask me for anything again. I may have some things that other people may not have, but at the same time I try to be responsible, because you never know."

I can definitely see where she is coming from, and I am happy that she is happy living her life like it's golden (because that's what it's all about). The article goes on to state that the singer has been inspired by her own fashion sense to start a clothing line, and is slowing brewing up some new music.  That's not mention her role in the James Brown biopic, "Get On Up", that is in theaters, now!  It was not surprising to read that she shops at Costco, thrifts stores, and at Marshall's for her son’s clothing.  There's nothing wrong with saving money and getting your fashions and necessities at a discount!


For more on what's going on with Jill Scott, pick up your copy of the September 2014 issue of Essence

[All of the quotes and pictures in this post are from the September 2014 issue of Essence Magazine.]