Cleansing with URGE Juice

There's been a lot going on in my life!  My family just moved, I got a new car, and I have an amazing vacation coming up in less than two months.  Between moving and having a serious case of the winter blues, I failed to make time for two things: working out and eating healthy.  I had been eating takeout nearly every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and eating sweets like CRAZY in between!  So when Spring finally sprung, I knew I needed to spruce up my insides.  I knew that I needed to detoxify all of the impurities and unhealthiness that I had exposed myself to, and a juice cleanse sounded like a great idea.  Coincidentally, I had driven past the URGE Juice store in Berkley for months, so I finally went in, and I'm so glad that I did!

What I love most about URGE Juice is that all of their juices are prepared on site, are 100% JUICE, and are cold-pressed (retains nutrients in juiced produce/tastes better). After looking over the menu of their juices, I was asked if I would like to taste them.  I loved each juice that I tried, except one, so I was convinced to try out their one day juice cleanse.  They offer two and three day cleanses, but as a cleansing newbie, I thought it'd be best to do only one, for now. I purchased my cleanse, and made plans to pick the juices up for the following weekend.  Here's how the cleanse works:  You drink six 16oz. URGE juices throughout the length of a day, and follow that up with plenty of water.  Simple, right?  Yes, it is very simple.  Why is cleansing good?  It helps to remove the toxins built up in your body from processed foods and pharmaceuticals, and helps to improve digestion.  The guy at the store said that if I wanted to eat something during the cleanse to make sure that it was clean (as in clean eating).  Without further adieu, let's get to the juices.

1. 9:00 am: Orange You Glad? - carrot, orange, apple, lemon

This particular juice reminded me of a V8 Splash without all of the added sugar, obviously.  All of the ingredients complemented each other very nicely for a smooth and sweet finish.  Most noticeable taste: carrot

2. 11:00 am: Sweet Green - cucumber, kale, pear, apple


When it was time for the second juice, I had my niece grab any one of them from the fridge since I was not drinking them in any specific order.  I was on my way to the grocery store, and this made that experience a little easier, as I was tempted by all of the samples at Costco.  Despite what you might think about green juices, this one went down pretty easily.  The kale was not overpowering and was actually mellowed out by the mildness of the cucumber and the sweetness of the pear and apple.  Most noticeable taste: kale

3. 1:00 pm: Apple Tart - apple, lemon, ginger

When you think of this juice, think of apple juice with a hint of spice.  It's just that simple. I think this is easily one of my favorites.  Most noticeable taste: ginger.

4. 3:00 pm: Let the Beet Drop - carrot, apple, beet, lemon

These four flavors juiced together are amazing!  I love beets, so this was really good, to me at least.  Have you ever had pickled beet?  You know, the one's in the jar that are covered in syrup?  Yea, it tastes like that!  The apple sweetens it, and the carrot mellows out the other flavors.  Most noticeable taste: beet

5. Bapple - beet, apple, lemon

Tastes just like Let the Beet Drop minus the carrot.  Most noticeable taste: beet

6. Refresh - kale, apple, lemon

A typical green juice.  If you're new to green juice, this is a good mixture to start with. This just was very refreshing, as its namesake proclaims.  Most noticeable taste: kale

You're probably wondering how the cleanse went, right?  Well, I started off with tons of momentum and enthusiasm, and as the day progressed all I wanted was some solid food! With that being said, I gave in.  I ate a salad and some cashews, because not eating was becoming too much.  I also, only made it through four juices on Saturday, and saved the others to enjoy later.  The cleanse was not a loss, and it definitely helped me to focus more on what I've been eating, and make a change.  There is no doubt in my mind that I will be frequenting URGE Juice and may even participate in another cleanse.  If you're in the Metro Detroit area, check out the URGE Juice nearest to you, or order online at

P.S. Their ginger shots and alkaline water are pretty awesome, too.