There once was a girl who loved to write...

This journey is true and mine.  I'm Antoinette: a lifestyle blogger + freelance writer from Detroit, Michigan.  My passion for writing began long before I ever chronicled my thoughts on a blog, and even before the internet was a great source of communication.  I like to think of myself as an innate introvert, so much that you could say my closest friends are pen and paper.  

Writing is my escape, a source of release.  It all began at the ripe age of nine when I discovered the art of poetry.  I was immediately intrigued.  I wanted my words to dance about the page, not giving any regard to syntax, as they had in the works of the great Maya Angelou.  To this day, I still have journals from my childhood where my thoughts first escaped my mind, to reside eternally within those pages.  As I have grown, so has my voice, and my desire to share my writings with the world.   

As a writer, my goals are to inform, encourage, and inspire.  I began blogging in 2011 on Tumblr as a natural hair blogger.  I would briefly use that space to share my transitioning styles, products, and encourage other naturals along the way.  Since then, this space that you now know as As Told By Antoinette has expanded into a lifestyle blog.  It is more than just an exploration of my natural hair journey.  Weekly, you will find new posts detailing my latest beauty buys, what book I'm reading, music I'm listening to, my health + fitness journey, self-care practices, travel experiences, personal thoughts, and events I've attended.  

As a freelance writer, I have also created content as a guest fashion/entertainment blogger for the Michigan Chronicle Online.  I have also written for the blogs of Black Hair InformationWomen's Elevation Magazine, and My Hair Crush.  You can check out those pieces, here.